USA – Stem cell treatment heals police dog

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A Belgian Malinois of a police K9 unit.
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FREMONT, CA – The first human trials involving stem cell therapy were approved just weeks ago, but a growing number of other patients are already benefitting from stem cell treatments. Those patients are dogs and the results are reportedly encouraging.

Cris the police dog is a five-year-old German Shepherd who was a whisker away from retirement last year when he tore a muscle in his rear leg during training. “He was jumping and the next morning he came and he wouldn’t put any weight on his leg at all,” Fremont Police Officer Matt Snelson said.

Snelson is Cris’ partner at the Fremont Police Department, where the dogs are expected to do everything from sniff out drugs to chase down fleeing suspects. “They can run three times as fast as a human. So, if we have someone running, it’s easier to use the dog to apprehend them,” he said. Officer Snelson took Cris to Dr. Gary Brown, a veterinary surgeon who has treated dozens of injured police dogs. “A big red flag went up because that type of injury is often repetitive,” the doctor explained.

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