Treating MS Symptoms With Stem Cells

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An estimated 400.000 Americans suffer from multiple sclerosis, but the findings of a new clinical trial shows promise in the fight to reverse symptoms of MS.
Researchers at Northwestern University conducted a trial using patients’ own stem cells to treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis, reports Early Show correspondent Debbye Turner Bell, and although the study group was small — only 21 patients participated in it — the findings are a huge breakthrough in the fight against MS.

Edwin McClure is strong and healthy now, but just four years ago, his life was very different.
“I would get fatigued. I couldn’t deal with the heat,” McClure said. “I had really bad balance.”
In his senior year of high school, the star football player came down with what he thought was a cold. Then his vision changed.
“It was kind of like somebody turned down a dimmer switch 30 degrees,” McClure said.
It was a neurologist who diagnosed what was happening to Edwin.
“He said, ‘You have the signs of multiple sclerosis,'” McClure said.

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