The IOBA presents the results of clinical trials with cell therapy for corneal blindness

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Health Counselor Board, Javier Alvarez Guisasola, launched on Wednesday a clinical trial coordinated by Professor Margarita Calonge, IOBA’s on cell therapy applied to treat corneal blindness.
This study was coordinated by the IOBA and IBGM to demonstrate the long-term effectiveness of the epithelial stem cell transplantation of the cornea, previously cultivated to restore corneal blindness. Stem cells come from a healthy eye of the patient or family support.

Corneal blindness affects two in every thousand citizens and can arise from genetic causes, trauma, infection, repeat procedures, ailments arising from prolonged use of contact lenses or complications arising from various eye diseases.
Before this trial, patients with limbal deficiency syndrome underwent a complete cornea transplant, but required the development of new transplants until two or three times due to low survival.

Of the nine stem cell transplants performed to date, eight have been successful, so the program provides an overall success rate of 89%.
The IOBA is the first center that meets all standards imposed by both the European Community and by the Spanish Medicines Agency to perform these transplants in mobile production facilities accredited.