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University of Minnesota says stem cell research complaint isn’t valid

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The University of Minnesota is proceeding with embryonic stem cell research, despite an anti-abortion group’s claim that it is illegal under a new ban on the use of state tax dollars for human cloning.

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life called on the university Tuesday to “cease its pursuit of human cloning and to end its violation of state law through its ongoing destruction of human embryos.” The organization cited the new cloning ban, along with legislative testimony from a U executive that the ban would stifle “ongoing” research if passed.

University spokeswoman Mary Koppel said the executive’s comments referred
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SAN MARINO – Country Nears a More Rigid Regulation on Collecting Stem Cells

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The Republic of San Marino will clamp down on agencies, which they claim are offering unauthorized stem cell therapies. With a resolution voted on this morning, the government has decided to deal with the issue with two pieces of legislation. One will institute an ethics and bioethics committee, which will deal with ethical problems that may emerge with advancements in research and the development of new possible clinical applications.