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Italy – Secretary Martini starts veterinary workgroup on stem cells

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It was formalized yesterday by Health Secretary Francesca Martini a working group aimed to deepen and to develop guidelines for the technological requirements – both structural and organizational – for health activities on the use of stem cells in veterinary medicine.

Guidelines – a ministerial note said – will be the tool to guide the operators in a complex matter in terms of protecting animal owners, animal welfare, health of veterinarians and the inevitable ethical implications.

‘I have formalized this working group – Martini said – to fill a gap about such a sensitive field as the use
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Milestone of 8000 animals treated with Vet-Stem cell therapy

Vet-Stem Inc. announced that over 8000 animals have now been treated with Vet-Stem cell therapy.

Vet-Stem began providing stem cells to veterinarians in 2004 and has now provided stem cells for the treatment of over 8,000 animals. Vet-Stem was the first company to introduce rapid turnaround stem cell services in the US.

After providing stem cells for thousands of horses, Vet-Stem pioneered stem cell therapy in dogs and cats and is now the world leader in Regenerative Veterinary Medicine. The rapid adoption of stem cell therapy by equine veterinarians and horse owners provided a springboard for use in small animal veterinary
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Stem Cells help polio-affected man walk

(…) At the age of 29, Bhoir underwent a surgery to correct deformity in his legs. Although the limb length improved, there was no change in muscle strength. He then decided to consult Dr Pradeep Mahajan to be treated by stem cell therapy.

“A personalized treatment protocol was prepared comprising of 1 session of autologous cellular therapy combined with physiotherapy, yoga and diet modifications.