Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. Announces Completion of Enrollment

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Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. or the  wishes to announce the acceptance and publication of the paper entitled “The Beta-hCG + Erythropoietin in Acute Stroke (BETAS) Study” by the journal “Stroke”, on March 8, 2010.
This paper was authored by Dr. Steven C. Cramer, from the University of California, Irvine, Dr. David Brown at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, New Port Beach, Dr. Michael D. Hill of Foothills Hospital at the University of Calgary, and colleagues.

Dr. Allen Davidoff, VP of Product Development, commented as follows:

“The Stroke journal, published by the American Heart Association, is the top journal in the field of stroke research. Stem Cell Therapeutics is pleased to congratulate Dr. Steven C. Cramer, David Brown and Michael Hill for their efforts, acceptance and successful publication of this novel study by this highly respected, peer reviewed journal.

Previously this work has only appeared in abstracts. This publication marks another important milestone in the development of NTx®-265 and provided the continued evidence of clinical safety and the foundation for the proof of concept study modified REGENESIS.”

The BETAS study was designed as an open label trial to provide the first evidence that NTx®-265 could be safely administered to patients with acute ischemic stroke. A total of fifteen human subjects at three centers were administered a course of NTx®-265, sequential administration of human chorionic gandotropin (hCG) followed by erythropoietin (EPO), with the first dose at 24-48 hours after stroke onset. Patients were then monitored for 90 days.

The study found that NTx®-265 appeared to be safe and patients showed improved clinical outcomes compared to published data on similar untreated stroke patients as well as a trend towards reduced infarct volumes over time in comparison to data previously described elsewhere. This preliminary examination of behavioural and motor domains highlighted priority areas that will be important to address in future studies. These results strongly support the safety of NTx®-265 and provide evidence for the achievability of this treatment in stroke.

About Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp.: Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. is a Canadian public biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of drug-based therapies to treat central nervous system diseases. SCT is a leader in the development of therapies that utilize drugs to stimulate a patient’s own resident stem cells. The Company’s programs aim to repair brain and nerve function lost due to disease or injury.

The Company’s extensive patent portfolio of owned and licensed intellectual property supports the potential expansion into future clinical programs in numerous neurological diseases such as traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and ALS.


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