Stem Cell Review: Looking Forward to 2015

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How will stem cells change the way we think about treating diseases? Here is the 5 year forward look at the world of Stem Cells, from some of the greatest experts in the field.

What are the diseases we’ll be treating, and the tools we’ll be using in 2015? Where will we be in terms of clinical trials? What are the dangers in the stem cell hype, and medical tourism? How will stem cells pave the way for personalized medicine, and more rational treatments? How important will stem cells become in the drug discovery process? Discussed in the episode are the eye (macular degeneration), the skin, diabetes (type 1 & 2), blood and autoimmune diseases, glioblastoma, HIV, and more.

Presented by Bill Kridel, and featuring George Daley, Ron McKay, Rudolf Jaenisch, John Sinden, Alan Trounson, Alan Colman, John Walker, Shinya Yamanaka, Irv Weissman, David Scadden, and Greg Bonfiglio.


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