Stem Cell Research Study for COPD and Emphysema to be Presented at ISSCR Meeting

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As we are gearing up for the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) annual meeting this week in Barcelona, Dr. Fernandez Vina has provided us with results from his stem cell research clinical study using Adult Stem Cells for the lung diseases COPD and Emphysema.

Last week, I posted on Dr. Fernandez Vina’s process of treating COPD and emphysema patients. Therefore, this week I can share his results of patients treated with their own Adult Stem Cells in his research study.


The Stem Cell Doctors

Author Block: R. J. Fernandez Vina1,2, J. Saslvsky3, J. Ferrerira da Silva Lima4, O. Andrin1, F. Fernandez Vina1, F. Vrsalovic1, L. Camozzi1, L. Vazquez Sosa5, M. Saslavsky6;
1San Nicolas Clinic FernandezVina Foundation, San Nicolas (Buenos Aires), ARGENTINA, 2Maimonides University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA, 3Medicine School University of Rosario Argentina, Rosario, ARGENTINA, 4San Nicolas Clinic Fernandez Vina Foundation, San Nicolas (Buenos Aires), ARGENTINA, 5Hospital de la Mujer, El Salvador, EL SALVADOR, 6San Nicolas Clinic & Hospital, San Nicolas, ARGENTINA.

The Goal of the Stem Cell Research Study

Objectives: To present the first reports and follow up from Argentina of 33 patients, that carry severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and Emphysema treated with Autologous Bone Marrow stem cells.

All patients have smoking history for 30-40 years, quit smoking for at least 6 years. Using oxygen 2 lpm 24/7, Ipratropium, nebulizaded Salbuterol , prednisone. Grade III-IV short of breath.

Before Stem Cell Therapy

Laboratory Data:  (Before Adult Stem Cell Treatment)

Forced vital capacity: 0.5 l (12%), VEF1: 0,30 l (10%) y 0,42 l (13%) post-bronchiodilator, FEF 25-75: 0,14 l/sec(8%), MVV: 11 l/min(10%); TLC: 2.90 l/min (46%), Diffusion Capacity: 10.2 ml/mmHg/min (64%).

The patients were submitted in a procedure to extract 600 ml of bone marrow, that presented: Total cells 9184 x10p6/ ml, Total mononuclears 3218 x10p6/ml, CD34+: 4,8 x10p6/ml, CD34+CD38-: 0,72 x10p6/ml. Using IV infusion, in a rhythm of infusion of 300 ml/h .

The Results of the Adult Stem Cells for COPD and Emphysema Research Study

Evolution and Results: After 60 days of the procedure all the patients were submitted to clinical and laboratorial controls, which presented: Saturation 95-97% in room air, while exercising, free of oxygen. Dispnea Grade 2, decreased of the required medication to 1 Salbuterol nebulization per day in all cases and 12 of them with 1 doses of Ipratropio per day, All patients decreased the doses of prednisone and finally quit with this medication totally.

Laboratory data: Forced Vital Capacity: 1,94 l , VEF1: 0,69 l y 0,88 l, FEV25-79: 0,38 l/sec, MVV: 58 l/min, TLC is normal, Diffusion Capacity is Normal.

Did the Adult Stem Cells Work?

Conclusions: The autologous adult stem cell from Unfractions Autologous Bone Marrow implanted in lung improved the pulmonary function in patients with terminal lung diseases.

Other Stem Cell Research Studies from Dr. Fernandez Vina

You may also be interested in Dr. Fernandez Vina’s results when he treated Diabetes Type 2 patients with their own Adult Stem Cells.  See the Stem Cell for Diabetes Type 2 Research Study here.

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One thought on “Stem Cell Research Study for COPD and Emphysema to be Presented at ISSCR Meeting”

  1. I have been diagonised with COPD and Emphysema. I am 66 years old and have been told I should have a lung transplant. I use 2 liters of oxygen most of the time. I have a portable unit I take with me but only use ocassionally. I really don,t feel that I am ready for a complete transplant because sometimes I do just fine without the oxygen. I take 5of Predisone daily, Spireva once daily, Advair 500/250 twice daily and an allergy pill. Am I too old to wait for the adult stem cell program? Is it used in the United States yet? Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance.

    Joy Fisher

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