Stem Cell Injections for Muscular Sclerosis Patients

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Stem cell injections may be able to cure the crippling effects of multiple sclerosis, according to a study published today. Four out of five adults in the early stages of Muscular Sclerosis who were injected with stem cells taken from their own bone marrow experienced improvements in their conditions after three years, and the rest of the patients experienced a stabilization of their conditions. Dr. Doug Brown of the Muscular Sclerosis Society said that encouraging results have been obtained, and that it is exciting to see not only that the progression of the disability was stopped in this attempt, but it also appears to cure the damaging effects of the disorder; stem cells are increasingly demonstrating more potential to treat Muscular Sclerosis .

The challenge that must now be faced involves attempting their efficiency in studies with many people. Previous studies have shown that stem cell treatments stabilize Muscular Sclerosis , but have never suggested that it could cure its conditions. Muscular Sclerosis is the most common debilitating neurological condition, damaging myelin, the protective membrane that surrounds nervous fibers, making it difficult to control muscles.

Scientists have planned this study to see if stem cell injections transferred from the bone marrow to parts of the nervous system that have been damaged by MS would repair those damages. Among the 21 men and women participating in the experiment between the ages of 20 and 53, 17 improved in a three year period and none of their conditions worsened. A report in the “Lancet Neurology Medical Journal” says that the technique suppresses the cells that cause the damage and effectively resets the immune system.

We dedicate this news to Fabrizio Vignali and all those who have Muscular Sclerosis , who like Fabrizio, try to react to the disease, but also all those who succumb to it. May this be an injection of faith for them.