SPAIN – Embryonic stem cells. Health minister: conditions exist to perform clinical experiments

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Bernat Soria en Atapuerca
Image by dalequetepego via Flickr

In Spain the “conditions exist to perform experiments with this technique”. Health Minister Bernat Soria experienced a personal triumph with the approval of the first human testing with embryonic stem cells, even if it did occur in the US. He added that he is working on regulations “so that all of this, which is already legal, is effective in practical terms: both to provide guarantees for the researchers and volunteers and to facilitate procedures.

He also announced that his intentions have materialized in an agreement with the Governor of California, who, although a Republican, has made big investments into this field.

“We have the scientific and professional understanding needed, and a healthcare system in which this type of research can develop with all of the necessary guarantees”. Years ago under Anzar’s government he had initiated experiments with this technique to attempt to find new treatments for diabetes, and today he has the responsibility of authorizing and promoting similar research.

“Those like ourselves who have defended the principal of using this technique – in parallel with adult stem cells – must be excited by the support of a rigorous institution like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA),” he said. He also pointed out that “70 Nobel prize winners and thousands of researchers had asked Bush to allow for this technique”. For this reason “today is, without a doubt, a very happy day for science”.

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