SAN MARINO – Country Nears a More Rigid Regulation on Collecting Stem Cells

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Monte Titano, Repubblica di San Marino
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The Republic of San Marino will clamp down on agencies, which they claim are offering unauthorized stem cell therapies. With a resolution voted on this morning, the government has decided to deal with the issue with two pieces of legislation. One will institute an ethics and bioethics committee, which will deal with ethical problems that may emerge with advancements in research and the development of new possible clinical applications.

The second law will implement European regulations on products derived from human blood, organs, and tissues. Accepting an appeal from the authorized companies that legally operated in San Marino, Congress has also approved the Health Authority to carry out inspections on businesses that have already received special approval, as well as groups that may be involved in activities that can be traced back to the use of human biological material.

If there are companies that have not underwent the necessary approval or operate in other sectors, the Health Authority will now be able to inspect them. Currently there are 6 companies authorized to store adult stem cells, and only 2 are operative, meaning that they have already obtained the necessary authorizations from the government.

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