Patient with Knee Stem Cells Doing Great after treatment

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A patient who underwent therapy with knee stem cells one year ago, returned for followup with Dr. Dennis Lox, a Sports and Regenerative Medicine expert who practices in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

Dr. Lox noted the patient had marked reduction in pain, self reported improvement in functional level (daily tasks that he could perform), and repeat x-rays showed signs of cartilage regrowth. In the academic world, metrics is important. Metrics refers to readily definable measurable improvements. Not self reports of improvements.

X-rays or MRI evidence of repair is a metric. Interestingly, in veterinary medicine the placebo response is not a concern. Race horses treated with stem cells that were once lame and now are running faster, suggests empirically that the stem cell therapy had a therapeutic response.

In the world of academic Human medicine metrics are desired. Anecdotal reports may be scoffed at, of even considered a placebo response.

When a patient shows improvement on x-rays and self reports pain relief, and improved functional performance (sports or daily life) these are metrics that should not be discounted.

When a soccer player, tennis player, or professional football player returns to play after failed knee surgery following therapy with knee Stem Cells, this should be carefully examined. Dr. lox has treated these patients. Athletes who fail to respond to surgery and respond to stem cell treatments should not be lightly taken.

To consider highly motivated athletes as placebo responders after failing knee surgery, and subsequently return to professional sports competition argues against placebo, and in Dr. Lox’s opinion is consistent with the veterinary correlate of positive response to stem cell treatment.

Dr. Lox has even presented this veterinary correlate at a joint Veterinary- Medical Regenerative Medicine conference. Perhaps we should consider proving it is not the stem cells exerting a therapeutic effect rather than proving that the stem cells are indeed inducing a positive therapeutic benefit.

Dr. Lox frequently presents at national and international stem cell conferences to stay at the forefront of stem cell medicine. Dr. Lox does admit that presenting in Europe has its advantages – including the ability to nurture international contacts and the chance to spend a few days of R&R.

Dr. Lox’s last presentation in Izmir, Turkey which is on the coast, allowed the luxury of spending some time in the Aegean Greek Isles. It’s hard work, but Dr. Lox will gladly do it for his patients.

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