New life for girl with German donor’s stem cells

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A 15-year-old Iraqi girl suffering from severe aplastic anaemia got a new lease of life after she received stem cells from an unrelated German donor (…)

The doctors then checked the registries of stem cells donors in India, but in vain. They then looked at the registries of other countries and luckily found a donor who matched her HLA type in Germany.

“The stem cells of the donor, a 25-year-old male, were shipped to India after we put in a request. It was stored at minus 80 degrees Celsius for two weeks before being transplanted,” said Dr Mehta.

Dr N K Pandey, chairman and managing director of the hospital, said, “While globally 45 million people are registered with Bone Marrow Donor World Wide and other stem cell registries, in India the donor pool is only around 3 lakh, which is minuscule” (…)

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