New Drugs On The Way To Fight Brain Cancer, Prostate Cancer

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An experimental drug is on the way, which might be effective to fight brain cancer (glioblastoma) and prostate cancer.
The researchers are experimenting on this drug at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre (UTSMC).
According to Jerry Shay, professor of cell biology, the drugs are promisisng because they attack not only the tumour cells but also the rare cancer stem cells in the body. So, it would be effective to root out cancer from the body.
“Because it attacks a mechanism that’s active in most cancers, it might prove to be widely useful, especially when combined with other therapies,” said Shay.

The researchers did the observation by putting two isolated trials such as human cells and rodents.
In the brain cancer experiment in rodent trials, the researchers also noticed that the drug crossed from the bloodstream into the brain, which is especially important because many drugs cannot even cross the blood-brain barrier.
Glioblastomas are the most common malignant brain tumours in adults and also very difficult to treat because of its tightly constructed walls, which prevent proper absorption.
Clinical Cancer Research has published this finding in its January issue.


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