Milestone of 8000 animals treated with Vet-Stem cell therapy

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Vet-Stem Inc. announced that over 8000 animals have now been treated with Vet-Stem cell therapy.

Vet-Stem began providing stem cells to veterinarians in 2004 and has now provided stem cells for the treatment of over 8,000 animals. Vet-Stem was the first company to introduce rapid turnaround stem cell services in the US.

After providing stem cells for thousands of horses, Vet-Stem pioneered stem cell therapy in dogs and cats and is now the world leader in Regenerative Veterinary Medicine. The rapid adoption of stem cell therapy by equine veterinarians and horse owners provided a springboard for use in small animal veterinary medicine.

Greater than 75% of horses treated with Vet-Stem cell therapy for tendon and ligament injuries are able to return to their previous level of performance. Dog owners report that greater than 80% of dogs treated with Vet-Stem cell therapy have an improved quality of life.

“We are proud that so many dog, horse, and cat owners as well as veterinarians have placed their trust in Vet-Stem cell therapy. We feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing that there are now over 8,000 horse and pet owners who have experienced the benefit of stem cell technology. This practical and beneficial application of technology puts stem cell therapy into the present day instead of a future theoretical concept.” said Bob Harman, DVM, MPVM, Founder and CEO of Vet-Stem.

Vet-Stem is now working with small animal veterinarians to develop other life-saving uses for stem cell therapy for injuries and diseases that currently have few treatment options.


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