ITALY – Expert says clinical experiment to treat Multiple Sclerosis with stem cells is nearexperiment

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Sir Martin Evans

Sir Martin Evans

Stem cells could aid in treating muscular sclerosis. Animal experiments have demonstrated that it is possible to stop the aggressive, chronic inflammatory response against the myelin sheath that covers nerve cells, whose destruction leads to the devastating effects of the disease, said Giancarlo Comi, the head of the Experimental Neurology Institute of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University. A three-day meeting, which began in Stresa, on the most recent progress regarding stem cells was opened by Nobel Prize winner Martin Evans and also included some of the most important experts on the subject in the country.

Comi specified that these cells are able to act against multiple sclerosis in two ways: not only are they able to stop inflammation, but they are also aggregate in the locations in which they are acting, keeping the entire area under control.

“It was thought that stem cells were only able to repair tissues, but it has been observed that they also act on the immune system.” The neurologist also cited work by Milan researcher Gianvito Martino, which “has completed the preliminary phase and is now ready for the first clinical study on the applications of stem cells against multiple sclerosis. A study will also be done to establish the doses that can guarantee successful treatment without causing any damage on patients with serious spinal injuries. This study will provide us with information on efficiency, which will be the focus of another study that will begin at the end of the year.”

The conference in Stresa gathered the top researchers in Italy in the stem cell field, with experts on neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, assisted reproduction, leukemia, and lymphoma.

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7 thoughts on “ITALY – Expert says clinical experiment to treat Multiple Sclerosis with stem cells is nearexperiment”

    1. “Sclerosis” means a hardening or induration of a tissue or part, or an increase of connective tissue or the like at the expense of more active tissue.
      So why couldn’t it be “muscular sclerosis”?

  1. Because the disease is called MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS
    The sclerosis does not happen to musccle. It affects the Central Nervous System and affects the path of trasnmission from the brain to various parts of the body. When the CNS get lesions (sclerosis) usually happening in Multiple Locations (hence Multiple Slcerosis), signals intended to reach portions of the body are interrupted causing losst of walking ability, movement of body parts, parastethis, lack of feeling, numbness and / or multitudes of other symptoms caused by improper signal transmission.

    The disease is called Multiple Sclerosis or MS…
    Esclerosis Multiple (in Spanish)

    Have more questions? I would be happy to answer whatever you ask.

    Best Regards,

    Stuart Schlossman
    President and Founder
    of MS Views and News

  2. Excuse my spelling problems :
    re: trasnmission shoudl have read: transmission
    slcerosis – shoudl have read: sclerosis

    losst – s/b lost
    parastethis s/b – parasthesis

  3. I previously had written a long reason for the Meaning of MS, Mutliple Sclerosis, but evidently it did not stick to your site and that was the reason I sent wording/spelling corrections.

    MULTIPLE Sclerosis (MS) does not directly affect muscle. Sclerosis (Lesions) affect or attack the Myelin Sheath which is a protectant layer that surrounds the Central Nervous System (CNS).
    Similar to the rubber coating that covers and electrical wire. When there are nicks or abrasions to the rubber sealant, a los of signal might be detected whre the electricity is intended, like a short to a television or radio.

    When the CNS contains ms lesions, signal transmission from the brain to various parts of the body are affected and can cause: loss of balance, feeling (numbness), poor vision, muscular coordination. Tingling can occur in the hands or feet. Improper speech, thinking ability ( to ration or think clearly), and many , many others symptoms can occur from Multiple Sclerosis.

    Sclerosis = Lesion or plaque
    Multiple Sclerosis = more than one ( which is how it most often occurs) and hence the name…

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