ITALY – Cattaneo: without research, we should also give up benefits

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“What I cannot stand, what really gets me, is that we have set up a scam, in which Italy says that for moral reasons it is against embryonic stem cell research, but then it reaps the benefits from the research: if Italy is truly against stem cell research, the government must say that Italian citizens will never benefit from the discoveries that will come from the research”, said Italian researcher Elena Cattaneo, who spoke at the 2nd World Congress for “freedom of research’ of the Luca Conscioni Association in Brussels.

At the congress, 1993 Nobel Prize winner for chemistry, Kary Mullis spoke, as well as Martin Perle, 1995 winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics, and Spanish Healthcare Minister Bernat Soria, who accepted to be the leader of a new movement for ‘the freedom to treat the sick’, requested by a Belgian ALS patient, and who confirmed “the need for complete freedom in research”.

Cattaneo, speaking about Italy, said: “We researchers are not irritated or annoyed by the fact that 50,000 euros in financing for stem cell research were taken away from use, we continue to do our research thanks to EU financing: we are angry about the scam set up by the Italian government where they tell the citizens that Italy does not do embryonic stem cell research because it is immoral, but they never say, to be completely coherent, that Italian citizens will never benefit from the discoveries made from this type of research.”

A complete hypocrisy and incoherence. “In Italy, there is a preconceived and dogmatic aversion regarding embryonic stem cells: coherence and intellectual honesty dictate that when you tell Italians that this type of research has been banned, you should also tell Italians that they will never benefit from the discoveries that will be made as a result of this research.”

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