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At the base of the neck is located a reserve of stem cells that could revolutionize the fight against obesity and diabetes. These fat-burning stem cells are the mother cells of brown adipose tissue, and a study coordinated by Italian researcher Saverio Cinti of the Marches region Polytechnic Institute discovered them. The results of the study were presented at the European Obesity Congress in Amsterdam and published in Faseb Journal, the magazine of the Federation of American experimental biology societies.

“It is possible to cultivate these stem cells to grow brown adipose tissue that can be transplanted into individuals to treat serious cases of obesity or diabetes,” explained Cinti. We will be able to control excess weight gain with cold temperatures, in addition to diet and physical exercise: “cold temperatures stimulate brown adipose, and it is sufficient to maintain a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius in order to increase its function”.

– BROWN AND WHITE TISSUE: are the two components of adipose tissue, which is actually considered by scientists to be an organ. White fat accumulates fat cells and in the past has played a decisive role in helping humans tolerate long periods without food. Now it is mainly blamed for the dreaded ‘belly’. On the other hand, brown fat cells burn fat and consume glucose.

Brown fat is abundant in infants and until a short while ago, it was believed that this highly important reserve disappeared with age. Recent studies, some of which were conducted by Cinti’s group, have observed brown adipose reserves in adults. Now it has been discovered that there is a reserve of brown fat cells that exist in adults.

– FAT-BURNING STEM CELLS PRESENT IN ONE OUT OF THREE ADULTS: the discovery is based on tissue biopsies on 35 individuals who underwent thyroid operations. “We found brown adipose tissue stem cells in one-third of the patients. This result,” observed Cinti, “confirms statistical data showing that this tissue is highly present in young and thin individuals. Individuals who are not thin are probably born with less brown adipose tissue.”

– FAT-BURNING TISSUE FACTORIES: knowing where to find brown fat stem cells means being able to cultivate them in order to transplant them into patients affected by obesity or diabetes.

– ACTIVATING BROWN FAT STEM CELLS: is another strategy that is now becoming possible. Stimulating stem cells involves stimulating the growth of brown fat in order to activate a natural mechanism that burns fat.

– COLD TEMPERATURES BURN MORE FAT TISSUE: together with diet and physical exercise, cold temperatures are becoming an important ally to combat excess weight and obesity. Keeping a low temperature at home during the winter (around 18 degrees Celsius) or walking in the cold helps burn fat and glucose. Calculations show that 50 to 100 grams of brown fat tissue result in a loss of 4-5kg per year.

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