Gingrich vows to ban embryonic stem-cell research

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As former House speaker Newt Gingrich courts evangelical voters in advance of Tuesday’s Florida primary, he is drawing an increasingly hard line against the use of embryonic stem-cell research — a position that contrasts not only with that of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, but also with statements that Gingrich himself has made on the subject in the past.

Speaking at a Baptist church in Winter Park on Saturday, the former speaker received a standing ovation when he declared that embryonic stem-cell research amounts to “the use of science to desensitize society over the killing of babies.”

And in a news conference Sunday, he said he would ban all embryonic stem-cell research, including that done on discarded embryos created by in vitro fertilization.


Gingrich Would Scrap Embryonic Stem Cell Research Funding

Campaigning in Florida over the weekend, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said he would scrap taxpayer funding for embryonic stem cell research that pro-abortion President Barack Obama put in place the first year in office.

“I believe life begins at conception,” Gingrich said Sunday at a news conference, according to an AP report, which said Gingrich would also favor banning the destructive research in and of itself.

“The question I was raising was what happens to embryos in fertility clinics,” Gingrich said, when referring to remarks he gave during a speech at a Baptist church in Winter Park about what he would do on embryonic stem cell research, which he called “the use of science to desensitize society over the killing of babies.” (…)

During the controversial interview that got some pro-life advocates riled up, Gingrich said he opposes embryonic stem cell research that purposefully creates human life only to destroy it for dubious research. He repeated that opposition in the new statement.

“As I have also made clear in several of my public pronouncements throughout this campaign, I oppose federal funding of any research that destroys a human embryo because we are also dealing here with human life,” he said.

“My convictions on human life are longstanding, deeply felt, and irrevocable matters of conscience. I will do all in my power – always – to foster reverence for life,” he concluded.


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