Florida Woman with Lung Disease (COPD) Off Oxygen After Adult Stem Cell Therapy

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Thanks to stem cell research, a Florida female smoker, Barbara Mckean who was on oxygen 24 hours per day before stem cell therapy using her own Adult Stem Cells is now OFF oxygen totally after the treatment in the Dominican Republic.

Barbara Mckean is now enjoying life after the stem cell research done by cardiologist Dr. Zannos Grekos of the Repair Stem Cell Institute (RSCI) helped Barbara’s COPD repair the damage done in the lungs by years of smoking.

Stem Cell Video for Lung Disease and COPD

In this video, both Barbara and Dr. Zannos Grekos are interviewed about how the stem cell research and treatment helped her COPD and repair the lung disease (source: Fox 4)…

Stem Cell Research Video Transcript

Below, you will find the transcript of the stem cell video above for lung disease.

Host: “Regenocyte Therapeutic is a world leader in stem cell therapy. They are dramatically improving the lives of people who have been diagnosed with life altering cardiac and vascular diseases. And joining us to talk about Regenocyte Therapeutic is Dr. Zannos Grekos. He is the Director of Cardiology and Vascular Diseases and Barbara Mckean praise god – she is a stem cell therapy patient. She was treated in December 2008 for severe lung disease. She is doing fantastic. I’m so glad to have both of you here today.

Dr. Grekos: We’re thrilled to be here

Host: You were here last year.

Dr. Zannos Grekos: About a year ago.

Host: And I know a lot has gone on since then. But for people just tuning in.they hear stem cell therapy they hear stem cells and politically speaking it is a hot topic, but I want to talk about the differences between what you are doing with your company Adult Stem Cells and then there are Embryonic Stem Cells. Can you give me kind of a Cliff Notes version on what’s up with both of those.

Dr. Grekos: There is a big difference and that is one of the things that Regenocyte is focused on- is educating the public. Embryonic stem cells come from in-vitro fertilization clinics and that is where all the controversy is surrounding and but also these stem cells are from somebody else so there are issues with rejection and also a high risk of cancer. So the FDA and the medical community are very concerned with the use of Embryonic Stem Cells.

Host :So they really aren’t embracing that?

Dr. Grekos: Exactly, not embracing it, very hesitantly looking at it. we have not done any human trials yet so we have never actually treated anybody with embryonic stem cells.

Host: Now, what is stem cell therapy exactly, cuz you are using Adult Stem Cells..

Dr. Grekos: we are using Adult Stem Cells, these cells come from the patients themselves, so they are your own cells. ANd these cells are tiny little cells that float around and they are designed to repair wear and tear and damage in our own bodies and what we do is take them out from the body with just a simple blood draw as if you are donating blood and extract out the stem cells and activate them and multiply them so we supercharge them and then we put them back into whatever organ is damaged or diseased such as heart attack or lungs in Barbara’s case.

Host: Now let’s talk about Barbara. Barbara tell me about your condition and what you were diagnosed with.

Barbara Mckean: I had COPD , and it was end stage. and I was on Oxygen 24/7.

Host: And you are a young woman too and to be on oxygen constantly, you are happily married, but you can’t get around cuz you can’t do a whole lot.

Barbara Mckean: It is very difficult

Host:And you were a smoker.

Barbara: Yes, I was a smoker.

Host: And i know a lot of you out there are saying ok I have COPD, I have some of these issues
Now tell me what happened. Your husband stumbled upon an article.

Barbara: Yes, my husband read an article about Dr. Zannos Grekos and a seminar he had. So we went to the seminar and the rest is history.

Host: So you had the procedure done and the procedure was done in November, so how long was it before you had positive effects.

Barbara: I noticed positive effects right away, I really did. I had a feeling of well being the very next day. And then 2 days before Christmas on December 23rd it was a defining moment, I woke up and told my husband and said “I don’t need the oxygen!”

Host: WOW! So you were on it 24/7 and now you are not on it?

Barbara: Yes, I am not on it at all. It was reduced to 2 Liters and then completely off.

Host: I want to talk to Dr. Grekos, there are so many amazing stories like this. So what are some of the other health conditions that they are using the stem cells in?

Dr. Grekos: Some of the major conditions that we are having a lot of success with is heart disease– patients who have suffered heart damage from heart attacks, or even viruses where their hearts are enlarged we were able to regenerate the damaged heart tissue and improve the heart function. We are also able to treat senile dementia where the brain is starting to wear and tear and the stem cells will actually regenerate the blood circulation to the brain and the brains cells as well

Host: And remember everybody, these are your own stem cells.

Dr. Grekos: Yes, your own stem cells. And this is work that is being done internationally we are also doing a lot of clinical studies here in the US. But as far as availability goes, it is nice to make this available.

original post by Don Margolis

4 thoughts on “Florida Woman with Lung Disease (COPD) Off Oxygen After Adult Stem Cell Therapy”

  1. I believe Barbera runs a blog Stem Cell Pioneers. I wonder about her connection to Regenocyte beyond her self-proclaimed success.
    There is no research that I can find from Regenocyte. Further, there are no journal articles that I can find that Dr. Grekos has published regarding his techniques, successes, and failures. I would think that if this is so good they would, at least, publish their research in a peer-reviewed article in a legitimate science journal. There are many of these clinics and none, that I know of, have published in a science journal for peer review. If asked about research they will refer you to other people’s research on animals.

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