Entest BioMedical Files Patent Application for Selective Targeting of Stem Cells to Lung Using Photoceutical Devices

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New Technology to Increase Efficacy of Adult Stem Cells in COPD Treatment

Entest BioMedical announced today it has filed a second patent application in the area of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This new patent application builds upon the Company’s previously filed COPD patent application and involves the use of photoceutical devices to target stem cells toward areas impacted by COPD in the lungs.

Steve Josephs, PhD, a Scientific Advisor to the Company stated “that by using photoceutical devices in treating COPD, it is believed stem cells can be focused on areas of the lungs where there is damage. Furthermore, being able to target specific areas and draw stem cells to those areas should produce greater efficacy in patient treatment outcomes. ”

David Koos, Chairman and CEO of Entest stated, “This new patent application we filed covers methods of enhancing our previously disclosed adult stem cell technologies in the treatment of COPD. It is our belief the use of photoceuticals devices coupled with adult stem cell therapy is a treatment model completely new and unique to addressing this terrible disease.”

Entest’s treatment approach for COPD is based on the development of easy-toimplement therapies involving the use of stem cells, and other cells found in the fat tissue of the patient. By incorporating photoceutical devices currently in use for other clinical treatments, this invention discloses methods of increasing the rate of cell homing, retention, and growth factor production in the lung.

from http://www.entestbio.com/latest-news/entest-biomedical-files-patent-application-for-selective-targeting-of-stem-cells-to-lung-using-photoceutical-devices.html

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