Adult Stem Cells Help Minnesota Man’s Angina and Heart Disease

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Stem Cell Research Debate-Heart Disease Can Be Helped Now

While much of the United States is focused on the debate of Embryonic Stem Cell research versus Adult Stem Cell research, not much attention is given to patients benefiting from Adult Stem Cells right now. The number of patients helped by stem cell therapy for heart disease and angina in the United States is steadily increasing as more and more clinical trials are beginning.

Clinical Trials Difficult To Qualify For

David Leach of Minnesota was one of the few lucky people to actually qualify for a clinical trial. David had endured angina for the last 15 years. He tried multiple solutions including bypass surgery and taking nitro to ease the pain. However, nothing worked.

Angina and Heart Disease for 15 Years

David Leach had endured the pain of angina for 15 years because of poor blood flow feeding his heart muscle.
“It’s a lot of pressure on the chest and shortness of breath and just a sharp pain,” was how he described it.
David averaged about 2 painful episodes of angina per day as his quality of life was limited by his heart disease.

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Process of Stem Cells

David had his own Adult Stem Cells removed from his blood stream and then using a special catheter, doctors implanted the Adult Stem Cells back into his heart muscle. The doctors specifically aimed at the areas of the heart that were starving for blood in order to increase the blood flow to those areas.

After Stem Cell Treatment- 50% Improvement

Since the stem cell therapy, David has reduced his angina episodes to about once a day- a 50% improvement! And now reports he has more energy and can walk farther distances than before.

Because of the FDA, Patients Suffer

Again, I must stress that to qualify for these clinical trials is very difficult. The majority of patients get turned away. So for every lucky guy like David Leach, there is thousands  who got turned away with no other options other than to leave the United States to receive treatment using their own Adult Stem Cells.  Either that or continue to suffer needlessly because the FDA has classified your own stem cells as a drug that is subject to 7-10 years of clinical trials for each disease.

People say “Bush stopped stem cell research,” but in reality it is the FDA that is slowing the process– people can be helped now using their own stem cells. No, as we see in David Leach’s case, it is not a “cure”, but a 50% improvement, that is great for his quality of life. And Adult Stem Cells can do that right now in so many diseases and conditions, if the FDA would just let us.

Other Heart Disease Patients Helped By Adult Stem Cell Research

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