Adult Stem Cells Can Help Diabetes Now!

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Adult Stem Cell Research Shows that Diabetes Type 1 Can Be Helped

In a Stem Cell research study that is being published today in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), Adult Stem Cells have been used to help patients with Diabetes Type 1.

20 of 23 Patients Helped With Their Own Adult Stem Cells

23 patients who were newly diagnosed (within 6 weeks) with Diabetes Type 1 were first given chemotherapy to dampen their immune system, then they were given their own stem cells taken from their blood.

Of those 23 patients, 20 “reduced or ended dependence on insulin as their bodies took over production of the hormone.” Of those 20 patients, 12 of them were off insulin for a long period of time, while 8 relapsed and went back to taking small doses of insulin.

According to the stem cell abstract:

Conclusion After a mean follow-up of 29.8 months following autologous nonmyeloablative HSCT in patients with newly diagnosed type 1 DM, C-peptide levels increased significantly and the majority of patients achieved insulin independence with good glycemic control.

A Cure is Needed for Diabetes???

And according to the stem cell article, “A cure is needed, but it will probably not come from a single breakthrough,” wrote Christopher D. Saudek of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, in an accompanying editorial.

A cure is needed? Thanks for that Chris. I never dreamed a cure was needed until I read this stem cell research article.

Luckily the senior author of the stem cell research study was a little more positive- The stem-cell technique “remains the only treatment capable of reversing type 1 diabetes mellitus in humans,” wrote the paper’s senior author, Julio Voltarelli, and colleagues at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in the U.S.

Use of Adult Stem Cells “in the hands of the FDA

Unsurprisingly, Dr. Richard Burt of Northwestern University was one of the stem cell doctors who authored the clinical study and luckily he added a little more insight- ““We work 24/7, and we’re getting there as fast as we can. It’s now in the hands of the FDA”

In the hands of the FDA?  Why do you have to be such a killjoy Dr. Burt?  You just killed all hope I had of seeing this available in the United States.

Speaking of FDA, another doctor, Dr. Christopher Centeno, involved in Adult Stem Cell research has formed a doctor’s group who are challenging the FDA’s silly rules that a person’s own stem cells are drugs. A group of laymen are also joining the cavalry and if you are reading this, I recommend you join them– go to

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