Adult Stem Cell Research Helps Breast Reconstruction After Lumpectomy

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Stem Cell Research Provides Help for Breast Reconstruction

Irene MacKenzie had a lumpectomy for her early stage breast cancer leaving her with a hollow in her breast. The lumpectomy took care of the cancer, but what about her breast? Well, Irene was the first person in Britain to reap the benefits of Stem Cell research using Adult Stem Cells for breast reconstruction.

Feeling Self-Conscious After the Lumpectomy

After the lumpectomy, Irene didn’t feel good about the way her breast looked. She looked for options. A friend referred her to Eva Weiler-Mithoff who is a consultant plastic surgeon at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Dr. Weiler-Mithoff who had been approached with a new Adult Stem Cell process asked if Irene would be interested in becoming the first woman in Britain to receive this new stem cell treatment for breasts. Irene didn’t hesitate and said “YES!”

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Process of Stem Cells for the Breast

  1. Approximately one pint of fat extracted via liposuction from her stomach.
  2. Half the fat was put aside.  Adult Stem Cells were extracted from the other half of fat.
  3. The Adult Stem Cells were then mixed with the first half of fat.
  4. The Stem Cell mix was injected into the hollow in her breast.
  5. 3 months later- the stem cell therapy treated breast looked and felt like a normal breast

Up until now, the only option has been to  fill the hollow with the liposuctioned fat (without adding the Adult Stem Cells).  The Adult Stem Cells create new blood vessels thus giving the newly added fat some blood supply so it does not die.

11 Breast Patients Treated With Stem Cell Therapy So Far

Dr. Weiler-Mithoff says that they have treated 11 patients so far in this stem cell clinical trial, but that she is very pleased with the results so far.

From the stem cell article:

This stem-cell enriched fat also seems to restore the softness of the breast tissues. It almost uncrumples the skin, undoing some of the radiotherapy damage, and women are reporting that their pain has eased, too – possibly because it makes the skin more supple.

I feel this technique will have a significant impact on breast reconstruction. Patients don’t need a big operation and there are no scars.

I recently covered a similar story approximately a month ago about this breast reconstruction in Britain although that story focused more on how this exact same procedure could be used for breast enlargement.

Also, doctors have been doing this in Japan for over 6 years now at the Seishin Cosmetic Clinic with an  80% satisfaction rate.

Similar Stem Cell Research for Face Lifts

Also, last week, I covered a company in China that is using this same technique of getting Adult Stem Cells from the fat and then injecting them into the face as an alternative to a facelift.

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