Adult Stem Cell for Cerebral Palsy

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A woman from India with cerebral palsy has made significant improvements in her quality of life after receiving stem cell therapy using her own Adult Stem Cells removed from her bone marrow.  Ms. Aditi Kulkarni, 24, was the recipient of the life changing stem cell treatment.

Suffering from cerebral palsy after a lack of oxygen left her with brain damage, Aditi’s parents took care of her growing up.  However, as they have gotten older, they feared what would happen when they died.  How would Aditi survive and get her basic necessities?

Stem Cell Therapy – Improvements in Quality of Life

Aditi received her adult stem cell therapy in February 2009.  Aditi started experiencing improvements in her quality of life approximately one week after her Adult Stem Cells were implanted.

From the stem cell article:

During the course of  the week that followed after the first shot of stem cells, Aditi showed remarkable improvements in her ability to hold her head upright and started experiencing good gripping power in her hands than she had prior to stem cell therapy. Tremors in both her hands and even the stiffness in her fingers have reduced dramatically.

The kind and degree of positive change in Aditi was so striking that her therapist and doctors argued in favor of a second shot of stem cells. Aditi made additional gains following the second shot in her ability to lift weights from the weight box without much effort.

More Stem Cell Research Success Stories for Cerebral Palsy

This is the first cerebral palsy success story for stem cell research using Adult Stem Cells this week.  I think I will add another one later this week so be on the look out for that.    Before this week, we have had plenty more of these stem cell success stories.  Please see our Cerebral Palsy stem cell treatment successes here.

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