USA – Stem cells self transplant: obvious improvements for 8 patients on 10

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Bone marrow stem cells self transplant can reduce Multiple Sclerosis (MS) symptoms, and make the disease regress in some cases.
These are the hopeful results from a research on 21 patients diseased by MS, made by the Chicago Northwestern University School of Medicine and published on Lancet Neurology. “Since 3 years from self transplant all the patients watch their conditions better.”

Since these results, doctors decided to make a bigger research involving more MS diseased people and comparing new therapy’s results with olds’ ones.
The experiment is about taking marrow stem cells and then treating them to remove ill lymphocytes which attack nerve fibers and then causing MS.

Stem cells are ready to create a ‘correct’ immune system and transplant begins after this process. “Time factor” is the nodal point for stem effectiveness because “operating soon we can make the most of the body’s self-regeneration, which can be lost in the long run”. Anyway scientists say also “it’s not the final cure to MS”.

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