Thailand – More than 100 Italiancitizens under stem cells treatment

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Michela and Alessandro from Sassari (Sardinia) are Kevin‘s parents, a 2 age old child suffering from spastic quadriparesis and optic nerve hypoplasia (blindness). Since he was born he endured 4 surgeries: kidneys, heart, bladder tumor and genital rebuilding.
Then Bangkok. And now the parents are hoping.
But Kevin is not alone because there are more than 100 Italian citizens treated with chinese cord stem cells in Bangkok’s hospital.

“Hopeless, we did want to try stem cells, so we arrived in Bangkok on April (2008) and our son has been treated using 6 injections of cord stem cells. When we went back in Italy (5 May) we did see some changes on our child: now he has more relaxed muscles, he has more appetite than before, sleeps more and – above all – he reacts to lights and can see shadows. Before now he did stare, but now he follows people’s movements near him. We are amazed! Now we are expecting more changes, and full of hope in a future when he could live a normal life“.

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