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Ratzinger: Against Euthanasia and Stem Cell Research, Eugenic Practices

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Responsible in the past for ‘unprecedented violence’, eugenics is a major worry of Pope Benedict XVI, who yesterday spoke about how these ‘deplorable’ practices present themselves today ‘differently’ with the selection of embryos and the discrimination of the sick and disabled, resulting in a rejection of life in the name of an abstract ideal of health.

Receiving the participants of the conference called ‘The new frontiers of genetics’, which is taking place in the upcoming days at the Vatican, Ratzinger immediately clarified that ‘all discrimination’ based on differences that are “ascribed to real or assumed genetic factors is
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VATICAN – Stem cells. Osservatore Romano: Obama uses public money to kill human beings

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“For the first time, taxpayer money will be used to kill human beings in the embryonic state in order to harvest stem cells,” wrote the Osservatore Romano newspaper, which underlined how this is the result of new guidelines “after President Barack Obama overturned a decision by the Bush administration banning publically funded stem cell research”.

The Vatican newspaper cited the website of the Episcopal Conference of the United States which said “this is a new chapter in the division between biomedical research and its necessary ethical basis, the respect for human life at all stages.”
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