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Stem Cells with potential to become eggs found in ovaries

Researchers found stem cells in the ovaries of young women that have the potential to become healthy eggs. Applications of this discovery may help women have children that were once too old to or left infertile because of disease.

Natalie Melgar-Fetzer, a junior in ICS from Maryland said “It’s interesting because it can give women with reproductive problems the opportunity to have children. So many people want to have babies but can’t for whatever reason.”

Researchers have already created potentially viable eggs from these stem cells by adding a protein to them as well as a gene that makes jellyfish glow
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World Stem Cell Summit in Baltimore: Catholic values into question

Marylanders can see where their money is vacant Sept. 21 because, in stem sect explore.
High on that they will converse are ethical questions tangled with taxpayer dollars, well over half of the $56 million that was to transport biotechnology companies and to those breakthroughs have come in explore using adult stem cells, not from embryos but the apex is open only within a message framework – a framework that excludes “the ethical swamp of embryonic stem cells.”

She criticized the use of free cash for examine with soul embryos not only on moral basis, but on grounds of knowledge and
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Patient Gets Stem Cell Trachea Transplant

Surgeons in Sweden have replaced the cancerous windpipe of a Maryland man with one made in a laboratory and seeded with the man’s cells.

The windpipe, or trachea, made from minuscule plastic fibers and covered in stem cells taken from the man’s bone marrow, was implanted in November.

The patient, Christopher Lyles, 30, whose tracheal cancer had progressed to the point where it was considered inoperable, arrived home in Baltimore on Wednesday. It was the second procedure of its kind and the first for an American.

“I’m feeling good,” Lyles said in a telephone interview. “I’m just thankful for a second chance
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