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ITALY – Termoli. Stem Cell Collection Underway

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At San Timoteo di Termoli Hospital, everything is in place to begin collecting stem cells, announced the Molise Regional Health Agency (ASREM) of Termoli-Larino, adding that as agreed with the pediatrics unit of the hospital, the collection of stem cells to be used for topical use, mainly in pseudoarthrosis, will begin. Computer records and a network will be created and shared with the regional health care facilities for all transfusions. For the health agency, this is an ambitious project, which will involve the entire team from the transfusion centre, which will collaborate with Regional Executive Health
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World’s first “stem cells/artificial heart” combo operation used to save dying man

A SURGEON from Oxford who led a pioneering heart operation in Greece has demanded to be allowed to do it on the NHS.

Prof Stephen Westaby, who works at the John Radcliffe Hospital, spoke out after leading a surgical team in Greece who used a combination of an artificial heart and stem cells to save the life of a dying man.

‘I am very frustrated that all the work that I have done back home in the UK has to be translated into patient care in other countries’
Stephen Westaby

It is thought to be the the first time the combination has been
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Cord Blood America: Company is Ready to Expand and Grow

BioMedReports: There has been some talk about the upcoming opening of your new state-of-the-art facility. Can you tell us about that?

CEO Matthew L. Schissler: We always try to focus on three core goals and in 2010 we are opening our new state of the art laboratory. One of those three core goals is the diversification of revenue streams. Not only will we have our own organic growth engine, by processing and storing for our own company, but we recently entered into a letter of agreement to process and store for another very successful stem cell company. That’s
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USA – Federal Financing for Stem Cell Research, Including Stem Cells

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After Barack Obama’s victory in the U.S. presidential elections, the economic community, in the middle of a recession and the worst financial crisis in the past decades, continues to hold its breath. The Democrat’s victory induce change and potentially more difficult times for the energy, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, and defense sectors, while the biotechnology and alternative energy sectors could be strengthened by the outcome of the elections. Obama has promised to increase investments in wind and solar energy and to spend 150 billion dollars in 10 years to hasten the development of
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ITALY – Stem Cells. Florence, Meyer pediatric hospital to soon have functioning ‘white room’

The ‘White Room’ at Meyer pediatric hospital in Florence needs to complete a few more procedures to become completely functional. This stem cell and cellular product ‘factory’ will allow cells to be manipulated for therapies used in bone marrow treatments against leukemia and tumors and in reconstructive medicine to reproduce bone, cartilage, fat, and nervous tissue in metabolic and neurological diseases and treatments for serious autoimmune disorders.

“The certification procedures are very long,” explained the head of transfusions and cellular therapy, Franco Bambi, “because we will be considered a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, but we are planning to finish the
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