Stem Cell Research for Multiple Sclerosis

Fernandez Vina

Fernandez Vina

Today is a lucky day for us as we get an up close and personal look at Dr. Roberto Fernandez Vina, the chairman of the Repair Stem Cell Institute’s Science Advisory Board, and one of the world’s most renowned stem cell research pioneers using the patient’s own Adult Stem Cells.  We also get a in depth look at his stem cell therapy for Multiple Sclerosis.

Dr. Fernandez Vina recently presented the results of some of his stem cell research for Diabetes Type 2 and COPD at the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) annual meeting a couple of weeks ago in Barcelona.

However, Dr. Fernandez Vina usually doesn’t get the credit he deserves as his stem cell treatment takes place far away in Argentina (and now El Salvador).

Stem Cell Treatment by Dr. Fernandez Vina – Up close

Dan Alvarez, also known as “the Day Trading Tutor,”  recently took his mother to Argentina for Dr. Fernandez Vina’s stem cell treatment to help his mother’s Multiple Sclerosis and documented the whole story in his Day Trading Blog.

Here is what Dan had to say about the stem cell treatment for his mother using Adult Stem Cells:

we were picked up late in the afternoon and taken to the hospital for preparation for the treatment on the following day. I was very impressed by the quality of the hospital and its cleanliness. The nurses and staff were great; always very helpful and supportive. The room was equipped with cable TV with plenty of channels (as well as funky Argentinian shows).

On that same day, we met Doctor Fernandez Vina and his assistant, Doctor Janina.

All I can say is that they were wonderful, with a genuine concern for their patients and their well-being. My mom really felt at ease with them and that helped a lot with her nervousness (she’s a bit of a sissy when it comes to doctors…He…He!).

During the next morning, bone marrow was extracted from my mom’s hip bone under general anesthesia. From this marrow the stem cells were later extracted and a few hours after that, Doctor Fernandez Vina implanted the cells through one of my mom’s leg arteries. The implant procedure took less than an hour.

My mom had to spend the day after the procedure in the hospital under medical supervision and one day on bed rest at the hotel.

The Results of the Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

And what happened after the stem cell therapy for Multiple Sclerosis? Did it help improve her quality of life?

Dan describes the effects of the Adult Stem Cells:

After the Stem Cell Treatment

It’s been around two weeks since my mom had her treatment; so it’s too soon for the stem cells to complete their repair function, but we’re already seeing some dramatic changes. The MS had affected mainly my mom’s balance and coordination. She could not really walk without a cane anymore and constantly swerved to the sides, bumping against objects in her path if unassisted. To my amazement (and that of all our other family members), she was rather quick on her feet yesterday (the day prior to this post) when we paid her a visit. She wasn’t swerving to the sides and didn’t use a cane at all while we were with her.

It’s a truly amazing change given her previous condition. I can’t wait to see what other changes lie in store for her and thank God for all the blessings bestowed upon her so far.

For those of you who have family members suffering from multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or any other condition for which the traditional medical community doesn’t have a cure and probably no financial interest to find one, I strongly suggest that you contact the Fundacion Fernandez Vina in Argentina. I’ll be more than happy to discuss my experiences and suggestions with you in more detail, so feel free to contact me as well.

original post by Don Margolis

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Stem Cell Research Study Shows Adult Stem Cells Improve Diabetes Type 2

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Dr. Roberto Fernandez Vina is scheduled to present a stem cell research study in which he helped improve Diabetes Type 2 patients with their own Adult Stem Cells and followed up on them for 3 years! The stem cell treatment and therapy was a great success. The results are below.

Stem Cell Pioneer and Doctor to Present Adult Stem Cell Study At ISSCR Meeting

Dr. Fernandez Vina will present the following abstract at the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) annual meeting in Barcelona in July 2009.  This is another milestone in Adult Stem Cell research as Dr. Fernandez-Vina has probably been the world’s foremost stem cell doctor in helping patients with their own stem cells.


Objectives: To evaluate the long time performance of Stem cells implant in pancreas in Diabetes Type 2 patients The adults stem cells CD34(+)CD38(-) have demonstrated the capacity to differentiate into functional cells in the endocrine pancreas.

Method: After three years on cell therapy for diabetes,patients the conclusions are optimistic. In this study were observed the evolution of 58 patients Diabetic type 2, 37 male, 21 female, 29- 71 years old. 29 patients were under insulin therapy, and 20 patients using Sulphonylureas + Biguanides. For the transplantation, we harvested bone marrow from the iliac crest by aspiration. The sample was processed using a density gradient separation method, obtaining 120ml (±95) of CD34(+)CD38(-) solution. For the implant was procedure a catheterization through Splenic Artery. No complications or further events were observed during or after the procedure. The patients were subjected to clinical and blood samples control during the 36 months following the implant.

Conclusions: the implant of mononuclear CD34+CD38- ( stem cells) from autologous bone marrow improve pancreatic function in patients with type 2 diabetes, in a safe form and is maintained after 3 years at least

Stem Cell Treatment Now Available, But Not In the United States

Dr. Fernandez Vina from Argentina now is treating patients with their own stem cells in Argentina as well as El Salvador (a short flight from Houston) for conditions such as Spinal Cord Injury, Heart Disease, Lung Diseases (COPD and Emphysema) Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2 as well as many other conditions.

If you are further interested in this Adult Stem Cell treatment, please go to our Repair Stem Cell Institute website and fill out this stem cell treatment request form and we will assist you in receiving more stem cell therapy information regarding Dr. Fernandez Vina

original post by Don Margolis

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Stem Cell Research Study for COPD and Emphysema to be Presented at ISSCR Meeting

As we are gearing up for the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) annual meeting this week in Barcelona, Dr. Fernandez Vina has provided us with results from his stem cell research clinical study using Adult Stem Cells for the lung diseases COPD and Emphysema.

Last week, I posted on Dr. Fernandez Vina’s process of treating COPD and emphysema patients. Therefore, this week I can share his results of patients treated with their own Adult Stem Cells in his research study.


The Stem Cell Doctors

Author Block: R. J. Fernandez Vina1,2, J. Saslvsky3, J. Ferrerira da Silva Lima4, O. Andrin1, F. Fernandez Vina1, F. Vrsalovic1, L. Camozzi1, L. Vazquez Sosa5, M. Saslavsky6;
1San Nicolas Clinic FernandezVina Foundation, San Nicolas (Buenos Aires), ARGENTINA, 2Maimonides University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA, 3Medicine School University of Rosario Argentina, Rosario, ARGENTINA, 4San Nicolas Clinic Fernandez Vina Foundation, San Nicolas (Buenos Aires), ARGENTINA, 5Hospital de la Mujer, El Salvador, EL SALVADOR, 6San Nicolas Clinic & Hospital, San Nicolas, ARGENTINA.

The Goal of the Stem Cell Research Study

Objectives: To present the first reports and follow up from Argentina of 33 patients, that carry severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and Emphysema treated with Autologous Bone Marrow stem cells.

All patients have smoking history for 30-40 years, quit smoking for at least 6 years. Using oxygen 2 lpm 24/7, Ipratropium, nebulizaded Salbuterol , prednisone. Grade III-IV short of breath.

Before Stem Cell Therapy

Laboratory Data:  (Before Adult Stem Cell Treatment)

Forced vital capacity: 0.5 l (12%), VEF1: 0,30 l (10%) y 0,42 l (13%) post-bronchiodilator, FEF 25-75: 0,14 l/sec(8%), MVV: 11 l/min(10%); TLC: 2.90 l/min (46%), Diffusion Capacity: 10.2 ml/mmHg/min (64%).

The patients were submitted in a procedure to extract 600 ml of bone marrow, that presented: Total cells 9184 x10p6/ ml, Total mononuclears 3218 x10p6/ml, CD34+: 4,8 x10p6/ml, CD34+CD38-: 0,72 x10p6/ml. Using IV infusion, in a rhythm of infusion of 300 ml/h .

The Results of the Adult Stem Cells for COPD and Emphysema Research Study

Evolution and Results: After 60 days of the procedure all the patients were submitted to clinical and laboratorial controls, which presented: Saturation 95-97% in room air, while exercising, free of oxygen. Dispnea Grade 2, decreased of the required medication to 1 Salbuterol nebulization per day in all cases and 12 of them with 1 doses of Ipratropio per day, All patients decreased the doses of prednisone and finally quit with this medication totally.

Laboratory data: Forced Vital Capacity: 1,94 l , VEF1: 0,69 l y 0,88 l, FEV25-79: 0,38 l/sec, MVV: 58 l/min, TLC is normal, Diffusion Capacity is Normal.

Did the Adult Stem Cells Work?

Conclusions: The autologous adult stem cell from Unfractions Autologous Bone Marrow implanted in lung improved the pulmonary function in patients with terminal lung diseases.

Other Stem Cell Research Studies from Dr. Fernandez Vina

You may also be interested in Dr. Fernandez Vina’s results when he treated Diabetes Type 2 patients with their own Adult Stem Cells.  See the Stem Cell for Diabetes Type 2 Research Study here.

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Adult Stem Cell Research For COPD and Emphysema

Stem Cell Research for COPD and Emphysema

Dr. Roberto Fernandez Vina will present his stem cell study on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Emphysema next week at the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) annual meeting in Barcelona, Spain.

Dr. Fernandez Vina who is also the chairman of the Repair Stem Cell Institute’s Science Advisory Board was the first stem cell doctor in the world to treat lung diseases such as COPD and Emphysema, starting in 2006.

Last Week Stem Cells For Diabetes Type 2, This Week – Lungs

I posted Dr. Vina’s amazing results for stem cell therapy for Diabetes Type 2 last week, so this week, as a little tribute to Dr. Fernandez Vina, I wanted to let you in on the basics of his stem cell treatment for the lungs (COPD and Emphysema). It is simple and effective- and of course since it is using the patient’s own adult stem cells, it is safe as well.

Process of Stem Cell Therapy for Lung Disease

The procedure to implant the patient’s own Adult Stem Cells into the lungs was conceived by Dr. Fernandez Vina and it consists of the following:

  1. Using a special needle designed by Dr. Vina, the needle is injected into the crest of the patient’s iliac bone and bone marrow is drawn out
  2. The aspirated bone marrow is then taken next door into the lab and put into a centrifuge.  The stem cells are separated, filtered (to remove some bone remains)
  3. 2-3 hours later, the stem cells are injected into the veins and go directly to the lungs.

What Do The Adult Stem Cells Do In the Lungs?

The lungs grab and keep the stem cells and the alveolus starts regenerating. What happens here is that dead cells in the alveolus of the lungs leave empty spaces or niches or little caves, into which the stem cells settle down and start growing, reproducing and rebuilding the alveolus.

The stem cells go to the lungs directly as all blood passes through the lungs before going to the heart, lungs are a sort of a trap and the stem cells stay there. Recovery does not happen immediately for obvious reasons, but it takes from 3 to 6 months, though the patient starts reducing his oxygen consumption as from the 4th week onwards. How much he can reduce his oxygen consumption depends on his actual condition, how his body may react and many other factors.

Sometimes, quite rare, a second implant is required about 6 to 12 months later, for reinforcement. If this would be the case, the Doctor does not charge any additional medical fees, just the out of pocket expenses coming with it, such as hospital, hotel accommodation, ground transportation and airfares.

That doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all.  In other words, if it doesn’t work, a patient can try again at minimal expense.

More On The Stem Cell Treatment For COPD and Emphysema

The patient is requested to arrive at one of the Treatment Centers which are controlled and supervised by Dr. Fernández Viña (Either Argentina or in El Salvador), one day prior treatment, for pre-treatment tests. The next day, the patient gets his stem cell treatment done and it is very probable he will be discharged from hospital on the same day or next morning, but he is requested to stay at a hotel nearby for observation purposes for 2 more days at least.

No Pain, No Gain With Adult Stem Cells

The patient normally does not have any pain during or after treatment, though if necessary he will get some analgesic, such as an Aspirin or Advil pill, that is all he will need. He will be at least in the same condition for traveling back as he was when he arrived. Afterwards, the patient will get his follow up by his regular attending physician, but the patient will always be able to keep in touch with Dr. Fernández Viña.

No Rejection, No Side Effects From Your Own Stem Cells

There is no rejection as the patient gets his own cells and there are no side effects, collateral effects nor consequences of the treatment. If some of the injected Stem Cells would escape from the lungs and go to some other organs, there is no harm, just the opposite- benefits for that organ!

If you are further interested in this Adult Stem Cell treatment, please go to our Repair Stem Cell Institute website and fill out this stem cell treatment request form and we will assist you in receiving more stem cell therapy information regarding Dr. Fernandez Vina.

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