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AUSTRIA – Embryonic stem cell research regulations loosened

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Just as Barack Obama has loosened the regulations on embryonic stem cell research in the USA, the Austrian Commission of Bioethics (which advises the government) has decided to implement more liberal regulation. Today in Austria it is prohibited to produce embryonic stem cells, but it is allowed to import them from abroad. These cells are expensive and research is hindered by high costs. The majority of the Commission has advised, with a 17 to 5 vote, that the use of excess embryonic stem cells from assisted fertilization procedures be made legal.
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SAN MARINO – Country Nears a More Rigid Regulation on Collecting Stem Cells

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The Republic of San Marino will clamp down on agencies, which they claim are offering unauthorized stem cell therapies. With a resolution voted on this morning, the government has decided to deal with the issue with two pieces of legislation. One will institute an ethics and bioethics committee, which will deal with ethical problems that may emerge with advancements in research and the development of new possible clinical applications.