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ITALY – Ferrari Donates 320 Thousand Euros to Stem Cell Research

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A substantial donation made by Ferrari of 320.000 euros will aid in the development of activities ongoing at the Woman and Infant’s Research Laboratory at the University Hospital in Modena. The presentation of the laboratory, located on the 7th floor of the hospital, and recently restructured, was presented yesterday to Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo, regional Health councilor Giovanni Bissoni, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia Aldo Tomasi, Mayor Pighi, President of the Province Sabattini, and the heads of the hospital.

Kidneys created from stem cell

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It raises hopes that kidney disease patients will one day be able to grow their own new organs with no risk of rejection.

Kidneys 5mm long – the size of those in foetuses – were made using a combination of cells from amniotic fluid, which surrounds babies in the womb, and animal foetal cells.

It is hoped the organs could be grown to maturity if implanted in a patient. In future, people’s amniotic fluid could be retained at birth, allowing it to be used later if they develop kidney disease.

‘The idea is to start with human
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Vernix lotion and placental stem cells: Finding products in nature


Guess what? The goobery white stuff (vernix) that coats newborns at birth is good for the skin.
Researchers discovered that leaving the white cheese on, rather than wiping it off, leaves the skin of babies healthier. Yes, you read that right: don’t scrub the newborn the minute she exits the womb—she’s not “dirty.”

Give me a moment. People actually went to college, got PhD’s, (probably post-docs and what-else) to “discover” that this smegma that covers a baby while it floats around in amniotic fluid for nine months is actually GOOD for the skin.
Oh, the wonders of the modern mind. What next,
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