Stem Cells promises ‘ready-to-go’ heart attack cure

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University at Buffalo researchers will test the effectiveness of using stem cells from donors to treat patients with heart failure.
The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute has awarded $2 million for the four-year translational animal study.
The results could pave the way for a similar trial in humans and eventually help make stem cell therapy more widely available (…)

“Using cardiac stem cells that don’t need to be harvested from the recipient — along with administering them through catheterization — would make the therapies more widely available to the increasing number of patients in need of treatments for heart failure,” says John M. Canty Jr., MD, Albert and Elizabeth Rekate Professor of medicine and chief of cardiovascular medicine (…)

The research team will test two types of stem-cell platforms to compare benefits for the treatment of heart failure.
“Using a randomized blinded design similar to clinical trials, the goal is to identify the best source of stem cells for therapy,” says Canty, the principal investigator on the project.

Both therapies stimulate the growth of new heart cells after a heart attack, he notes.
The cells will be infused into the coronary arteries of test subjects using standard cardiac catheterization methods. This relatively simple method delivers cells throughout the entire heart and would further enhance the availability of stem cell treatment (…)

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