Stem Cells help polio-affected man walk

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(…) At the age of 29, Bhoir underwent a surgery to correct deformity in his legs. Although the limb length improved, there was no change in muscle strength. He then decided to consult Dr Pradeep Mahajan to be treated by stem cell therapy.

“A personalized treatment protocol was prepared comprising of 1 session of autologous cellular therapy combined with physiotherapy, yoga and diet modifications.

Within a week, results were seen, muscle strength improved and now I can walk for longer periods without feeling fatigue in my lower limbs,” said Shashikant Bhoir.

“Cellular therapy acts by the principle that several signaling mechanisms occur between stem cells which enable them to grow and differentiate into cells specific to the environment in which they are transplanted. Stem cells are known to have multi-differentiation potential and are capable of neural as well as muscle differentiation.

Therefore, in conditions such as post-polio syndrome, cellular therapy addresses the root cause of damage rather than providing symptomatic relief from symptoms,” said Dr Pradeep Mahajan, Regenerative medicine researcher, StemRx.

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