Stem Cells Against False Joints

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Russian scientists started clinical trials of treating false joints by means of demineralized bone matrix with introduced mesenchymal stem cells of a patient.

False joints often occur as a complication during fractures of long bones, when splinters do not adhere, and cartilage layer forms between them. This layer is called false joint, and in this case, additional surgery is required to help a bone to heal.

Modern surgeons fight this problem with bone transplants, but bone recovery takes about one year. Possible solution is transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells of bone marrow, which can turn into various cells, including osteocytes. However, before differentiating cells require a substrate to attach to, and false joint has neither appropriate surface, nor nutrients for stem cells. In this case, the majority of stem cells dies or migrates away the desired place.

Russian scientists suggest putting stem cells on demineralized bone transplants, made of human long bones. Cell were extracted from patient’s bone marrow, cultivated in nutrient medium, and then inhabited bone matrix.

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