Stem cell trial on horses

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Veterinarians in Wichita conducted the first phase of a stem cell trial today in Wichita. Their goal is to treat laminitis, a disease in horses hoofs. They will do this using stem cells taken from the horses using liposuction. Laminitis is painful and even crippling for horses.

“Those horses usually digress over time to the point where they finally lose their life,” Dr. Preston Hickman said.

The trial is 90 days. The ten horses participating will have 3 stem cell injections over the three months.

The actual procedure only takes four to five hours. Dr. Preston Hickman and Dr. Larry Snyder draw the stem cells from the horses, process them and then reinsert them back into the animals.

For horse owners like Penny Barker the trial could open new doors. Barkers’s 20-year-old horse Legend has the disease.

“It’s been like a rollar coaster,” Barker said. “We’ll get him well, fairly well and then he’ll backslide so we’re real excited about this study.”


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