Stem cell to be discussed at King Saud University conference

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RIYADH – Stem Cells Unit at the Department of Anatomy in King Saud University will organize a conference on stem cell research and medical reconstruction at the Faculty of Medicine and King Khalid University Hospital on Nov. 7-9. First of its kind in the Kingdom, the conference will be held in cooperation with the KSU’s Center for Medical Education, the Australian National University and the University of South Denmark.
President of the Organizing Committee of the Conference, Dr. Abdullah Al-Dahmash, said here Saturday that the conference aims at presenting the latest developments in the field of stem cell research and therapeutic applications; to accentuate new technologies, research and applications of stem cells.

The aim is also to highlight the major advances in stem cell researches in the Kingdom in general, and King Saud University in particular and to increase awareness of the importance of stem cell researches.
The conference will address many topics including the role of stem cells in treating some diseases, especially those suffered by the Saudi society as well as modern techniques in stem cell researches (…)


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