Spinal Cord Injury

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Stem Cell Research Clinical Study- Spinal Cord Injury

A few weeks ago, I covered a story about  a stem cell research published study for spinal cord injury patients in Ecuador.  In that study, Dr. Luis Geffner used 3 different delivery methods of Adult Stem Cells to help 52 spinal cord injury patients and counting.

Michael Flounders- Walking in the Right Direction

One of those 52 patients was Michael Flounders who says “Since the stem cell implant I am making a recovery. How long and how far it will go no-one can say because it is so new.

This is taken from the stem cell abstract published in Cell Transplantation, Volume 17, Number 12, 2008 , pp. 1277-1293(17):

Comprehensive evaluations demonstrate improvements in ASIA, Barthel (quality of life), Frankel, and Ashworth scoring. Moreover, in order to assess bladder function, we designed a simple numerical clinical scoring system that demonstrates significant changes in bladder function following BMSCs administration.

Adult Stem Cell Video- Spinal Cord Injury

Also in that clinical study, there were 8 case studies done.  And this amazing video has recently surfaced showing 3 of those spinal cord injury patients treated with their own Adult Stem Cells.   Below, the video you will find the transcription (the stem cell video is in Spanish, although there are subtitles). Watch the whole thing- it really is uplifting!


Stem Cell Video Transcript

Patient Report #1
6 Years of Paralysis
“I’ve changed quite a lot, my way of living and quality of life. Prior to stem cell implantation I could just sit.
I could not walk and my entire body ached. After implantation (adult stem cells), I feel better.
I can now stand up, walk at home, go to my bed.”
Patient Report #2
8 Years of Paralysis
“I noticed I achieved important goals. I’ve overcome some troubles.
My legs no longer swell. I improved my way of urinating and defecating. My back no longer aches.
So as you see I’m working out and feeling quite better.”
Patient Report #3
22 Years of Paralysis
“After implantation, I gained some sensitivity, mobility, and bladder control. Before implantation, I was not able to hold my urine. Now, I can stand up, hold my urine, and walk.
I can go to the toilet and I gained total independence on that. Sometimes as I go out from work I hold my need to void until I get home.
As the people see me standing up, walking after 22 years of being on a wheelchair, they hardly can believe one can do that!”

Media Coverage of Adult Stem Cells Non-existent!

Thank you Rebecca Taylor for the video who says correctly -”The media coverage of this is non-existent of course. Meanwhile, Geron is just getting permission to study the safety of embryonic stem cell derived cells to treat spinal cord injury in humans. The safety portion of this study alone will take years. While America obsesses about the embryo, the rest of the world moves on with what works. Go figure.”

from Don Margolis

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