Stem Cell Research Shows Adult Stem Cells Help Stroke Victims

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Stem Cell Research Study Reveals Stroke Patients Helped by Own Stem Cells

A new stem cell research study/trial recently completed shows that implanting a person’s own Adult Stem Cells helps stroke patients overcome partial paralysis. Dr. Kameshwar Prasad of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) will present his stem cell study at the European Stroke Research Conference in May, 2009.

Stroke Victims Own Adult Stem Cells Used

In the stem cell study that took place in New Delhi, India, 12 stroke victims had their own stem cells implanted within 1 month after a stroke. Also, 3 stroke patients were used as a control group and were not given any stem cells.

Process of Stem Cells for Stroke

  1. Adult Stem Cells extracted from patient’s bone marrow
  2. Stem Cells are then purified
  3. Patient’s own stem cells are then reintroduced intravenously into the antecubital vein (in the forearms, near the elbow)
  4. Stem Cells migrate to area of injury (in this case- the brain)
  5. Adult Stem Cells enhance repair process and reduce brain damage

The Stem Cell Treatment Results

At the beginning of the stem cell study, none of the 12 stroke patients were able to carry out daily activities, use the toilet, take a bath, dress and eat independently.

However, within 1 year, 70% (I assume 7 or 8 of the patients) were able to overcome their handicaps and successfully return to previous activities like playing golf, working in the office and cooking.

Only 1 out of the 3 stroke patients in the control group were able to go back to their normal routine.

No Side Effects From Your Own Stem Cells

From the stem cell article:

“The stem cells had excellent safety profile. After carrying out Pet scans and MRIs thrice in a year on patients who received stem cells, we found no side-effects. This study shows that stem cells are a safe and feasible therapy in acute stroke. This holds promise and needs to be confirmed in a bigger study,” Dr Prasad said.

Of course there were no side effects, the trial used the patient’s own cells. Rejection isn’t an issue.  As I say time and time again, the patient has everything to gain and nothing to lose.  There is no downside to this treatment.  It is a shame this isn’t being put to use in the United States and made available to everyone who may need it.

These same doctors will follow up this stem cell clinical trial for stroke with a 120 patient trial in the next 3 years.  Hopefully, this will speed things up for Adult Stem Cells to be accepted sooner rather than later.

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