Stem Cell Research Saves Diabetes Patient’s Leg From Amputation

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Victory for Adult Stem Cell Research- Saves a Man’s Leg

Tom Fisher already had his  right leg amputated due to complications from Diabetes and he was in danger of losing his left leg as well.  However, stem cell research in the form of Adult Stem Cells has saved his leg from amputation and have healed all his ulcers and infections and gangrene bringing back his leg to 94% normal.

Stem Cell Therapy- Clinical Trial in Charleston, South Carolina

Fisher, 84 years old was treated at Roper Hospital in South Carolina where there is an ongoing randomized stem cell research trial for a stem-cell therapy to treat critical limb ischemia, a result of Peripheral Artery Disease.

From the stem cell news article:

“That was astounding,” said Dr. Jeb Hallett, medical director at the Roper St. Francis Heart and Vascular Center. “The results have been amazing.”

Of the nine area patients participating, seven still have their limbs, Hallett said.

Approximately 70-80% Success in Saving a Leg

The trial is sponsored by Harvest Technologies, a stem cell research company in Massachusetts who are also sponsoring similar studies in India and Europe.  According to Dr. Hallett, 87.5% of the Indian patients were able to keep their legs while in Europe, the results are 70% were able to keep their legs.

Without stem cell treatment, in similar cases of Peripheral Artery Disease, 80% LOSE their legs.  So, a 70-80% success rate for this Adult Stem Cell treatment is wonderful.

Stem Cell Treatment Before Pigs Fly?

What is not so wonderful is the results of the trial are not due until 2012.  Only 3-4 more years?? Are you serious?  Can’t we wait longer to use our own stem cells to heal ourselves?

Medicare is very interested in this as the price of stem cell treatment is cheaper than that of an angioplasty or bypass and thus would save them millions of dollars if approved by the FDA.

So if I understand correctly:

  1. the stem cell treatment is cheaper than other alternatives (angioplasty or bypass) for Peripheral Artery Disease,
  2. the therapy is safer and less invasive (just simple injections using a syringe of stem cells into the legs),
  3. it has no side effects because it uses your own Adult Stem Cells,
  4. and is probably 60-70% more effective than any other intervention— but it won’t be available for at least 4 more years (and that is being very optimistic).

Think how many legs will be lost in that time.  Way to Go FDA- your silly rules of treating a person’s own stem cells as a drug is costing lives and limbs.

Other People Helped by Adult Stem Cells for their Peripheral Artery Disease

Stem Cells for Peripheral Artery Disease

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