Stem Cell Research Heals Heart Muscle After Heart Attack

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Another congestive heart failure patient has been helped by stem cell research using adult stem cells. Terry Areford, 62, a multiple heart attack victim has been given a 2nd chance at life after receiving Vescell stem cell treatment to heal his heart muscle in Thailand.

Congestive Heart Failure Symptoms

Terry was dying. He was slowing down. He had the usual symptoms of congestive heart failure. He had shortness of breath. He could barely walk 50 feet slowly. However, Terry still had hope. His daughter came across the Vescell website and contacted them.

Adult Stem Cells From Your Own Blood

For those of you unfamiliar with Vescell stem cell therapy in Thailand, it is a process created by a company called Theravitae in which adult stem cells are removed from the patient’s blood (similar to a blood donation) and then multiplied into a therapeutic dose and then implanted into the patient’s heart muscle and/or coronary arteries.

But back to Terry’s stem cell story

Before Vescell Treatment

  • Ejection Fraction 10%
  • Could barely walk
  • Severe shortness of breath

After Adult Stem Cells Implanted

  • Ejection Fraction at 45%
  • Plays 3 rounds of golf per week
  • No shortness of breath- outside chopping firewood

3 full 18 hole rounds of golf per week? No kidding Terry?  I am very happy for you.   Like many of the Vescell heart patients recently, Terry has become an adult stem cell advocate and wants other congestive heart failure patients to know that there is still hope out there.

You are welcome to call or email Terry  at 304-594-9377 or his email is

Stem Cell Research in Thailand

This is the third stem cell research success story to come out of Thailand in the last month. See stories from heart attack victims and heart failure patients James Eilert and Andy Jordan as well.   Is anyone in the FDA paying attention to this?  Adult Stem Cells can be used now to help these heart patients with no side effects!  Why do they have to leave the United States for it?

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