Stem Cell Research- Drug Speeds Healing of Bone Fractures

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Stem Cell Research Yields Benefits for Broken Bones

Stem Cell researchers have discovered that a drug for osteoporosis actually has a positive side effect- it can speed up the healing of bone fractures or broken bones by stimulating the patient’s own Adult Stem Cells.

Teriparatide- Now a Stem Cell Drug

The drug is called teriparatide (Forteo) and it is a “fragment of parathyroid hormone that contains 34 amino acids rather than the 84 found in the naturally occurring substance.”

Adult Stem Cell Research Results for Unhealed Bone Fractures

From the stem cell article:

In an observational study of 145 patients with slow-to-heal fractures, 93% had complete recovery within 12 weeks of starting treatment with teriparatide (Forteo), according to Susan Bukata, M.D., of the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, N.Y.

Within 12 weeks of starting treatment, 141 of the 145 patients no longer had pain at the fracture site, 135 had radiographic and clinical union of their fractures, and six had partial union of their fractures that clinically functioned as a healed fracture.

Only four had no improvement in pain or fracture union.

93%? Not bad.

You can find the full research paper on healing fractures here

How Do the Adult Stem Cells Work?

Dr. Edward Puzas, the lead investigator of the clinical trial for pelvic fractures said that teriparatide speeds up the healing of the broken bones by increasing the number of the cartilage and bone stem cells involved in the healing process.

He said “As a result, the callus forms quicker and stronger. Osteoblasts form more bone and the micromotion associated with the fracture is more rapidly eliminated,” he said.

Fractures Healed- No More Pain

Susan Bukata, M.D., of the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester was also involved in the stem cell clinical study.

“I had patients with severe osteoporosis, in tremendous pain from multiple fractures throughout their spine and pelvis, who I would put on teriparatide,” she said.

“When they would come back for their follow-up visits three months later,” she said, “it was amazing to see not just the significant healing in their fractures, but to realize they were pain-free.”

Old Bones Become Young Again Thanks To Adult Stem Cells

This is great news as the new stem cell drug would most benefit the elderly as it boosts the body’s bone adult stem cell production to the point that adults’ bones appear to heal at a rate typically seen for young kids ie. very fast. About 5% of fractures don’t heal. There are approximately 6 million bone fractures in the USA every year so this stem cell drug should be able to help a lot of people- about 300,000 people.

Other Stories of Adult Stem Cells Helping Bone Fractures

Loraine Holland of England had her leg healed after her own stem cells were implanted

Also, Anthony Giancola of Australia had his broken leg healed after an Adult Stem Cell treatment as well

For those of you in the United States- I would suggest Dr. Christopher Centeno of Regenexx in Colorado where they also do a procedure that is probably much easier than taking teriparatide.

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