Stem Cell Based Cosmetics Launched

(Stem Cells News image)

The use of stem cells has often been a controversial issue in the media. International Stem Cell Corp. looks set to tackle the issue head on after launching its own line of stem cell based beauty products. According to reports online the skin care range was created by its wholly owned subsidiary Lifeline Skin Care.

CEO of Lifeline Skin Care, Dr. Ruslan Semechkin, was quoted as saying, “The commercial launch of the new skin care products represents an important step in the execution of ISCO`s strategy.” Plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory S. Keller described the new range as “…a huge step forward in anti-aging skin care products”.

International Stem Cell Corp is based in California. Lifeline skin care develops cosmetics using contain extracts from human parthenogenetic stem cells. The product range includes Defensive Day Moisture Serum and Recovery Night Moisture Serum.


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