SPAIN – Stem cells obtained without destroying embryo

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A new technique has shown that allowing embryonic stem cell research and having laws that regulate and monitor this type of research does not prevent the development of less ethically controversial techniques, rather, it creates incentives for them. In Valencia, at the same clinic where the first Spanish embryonic stem cell lines were obtained, the same researcher who developed the lines has obtained embryonic stem cells without destroying the embryo.

The announcement was made by Carlos Simòn, making the Centro de Investigaciòn Prìncipe Felipe (CSPF) the third laboratory in the world to succeed with the technique. The first researcher successfully perform this technique was Robert Lanza from Advanced Cell Technology in Boston in 2007 and at the University of California in San Francisco one month later the technique was performed again. The technique used is similar to prenatal diagnosis, which removes a single cell from the embryo. Health Advisor, Manuel Cervera, while presenting these stem cell lines announced the need for this type of work and the willingness to obtain stem cells using this technique.

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