SPAIN – Bone and Liver Transplants Soon Using Italian Technique. Authorization to Make Stem Cells Requested

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Pier Paolo Parnigotto with Mariateresa Conconi

Pier Paolo Parnigotto with Mariateresa Conconi

After a trachea transplant that was not rejected, performed in Barcelona by Italian surgeon Paolo Macchiarini, soon other organs and biotech tissues will be reconstructed in the lab thanks to a technique developed by the University of Padova. Bones, livers, the esophagus, pancreases, and muscles will be next, in research that will possibly take place in the Veneto. According to Pierpaolo Parnigotto, 61 year old professor of anatomy, who together with Maria Teresa Conconi carried out tissue engineering research for 15 years in the development of biotech organ grafts that will not be rejected in the recipient: “Our technique consists of removing an organ from a cadaver, and removing residual cells and DNA, leaving only a framework that resembles a white sponge.

During our experiments we discovered that his structure contains growth factors able to give information to the cells and to rebuild blood vessels. We then grafted cells from the recipient and regenerated a portion of the organ.” Parnigotto explained, “The method allows us to transplant portions of the organ without rejections. Now thanks to a network of 32 scientists in biology and regenerative medicine, we have all the knowledge we need to develop technology together with the stem cell production, which will also require authorization from the National Drug Agency. For this reason we also asked the Veneto region to authorize the Trecenta hospital in the Local Health Services Group (ULSS) of Rovigo to create a center that will develop more modern tissue engineering technology that will be applied in clinical cases.”

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