Scientists make eye’s retina from stem cells

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Dry Eye: A Practical Guide to Ocular Surface Disorders and Stem Cell Surgery

“Generation of a synthetic retina from embryonic stem cells is a landmark discovery that will help enormously our understanding of blinding eye disease” (Professor James Bainbridge of Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)

A part of the eye that is essential for vision has been created in the laboratory from animal stem cells, offering hope to the blind and partially sighted.

One day it might be possible to make an eye in a dish, Nature journal reports.

The Japanese team used mouse stem cells – immature cells that have the ability to turn into many types of body tissue (…) A US biotech company has already been granted a license to begin human trials of a stem cell treatment for blindness (…)

Retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) are the most common causes of blindness in old age, and involve the gradual and normally irreversible destruction of retinal cells.

In the Japanese study, the cultured stem cells spontaneously organised themselves into a complex structure that resembled the developing embryonic eye (…)

Professor James Bainbridge of Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said: “It is particularly exciting that this could also provide a source of cells for transplantation.”

Barbara McLaughlan of the RNIB charity said: “This piece of research contributes to the ongoing efforts to harness stem cell research to benefit patients with a number of eye diseases (…)

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6 thoughts on “Scientists make eye’s retina from stem cells”

  1. My wife aged 35 years and my son aged 17 years are suffering from retinitis pigmentosa .I would like to know wether stemcell therapy is useful for them . I want to consult with the doctor how can I

  2. My wife aged 41yrs ,is suffering from RP.Will it be curable at at SANKARA CHENNAI OR KANPUR. What is stem cell treatment and how much is it worth. What will be the total expenses of this coursr.please reply me fast as its so urgent.

  3. Not sure why so many people are scared of these new advances, I understand it can be overwhelming at first but I welcome these breakthroughs. What’s crazy now will become the norm in the future. Just wait until they start 3D printing organs, we’re not far from it that’s for sure. Thanks for the article, more people need to know this stuff isn’t fantasy anymore.

  4. young people with RP with partial but progressive loss of vision can get better results than older people above 25 years with almost total loss of vision due to RP. Bonemarrow stemcells injected retrobulbar can restore some of the dying rods and cones in RP though todally dead or degenerated rods and cones cannot be brought back to work. So we can restore whatever vision was available 2-3 years ago in a otherwise progressive loss of vision.

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