Multiple Sclerosis Patients Are Symptom Free After Stem Cell Treatment

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Preston Walker and Richard Humphries are shining examples of how stem cell research using Adult Stem Cells are improving lives right now. Preston and Richard were the first two Multiple Sclerosis patients to receive stem cell treatment with their own cells derived from their fat.

Stem Cell Treatment in the USA? Of Course Not

The treatment and therapy took place in May 2008 in Costa Rica and since then the duo have generously donated their time to other Multiple Sclerosis patients who were in the same boat Richard and Preston were in approximately 1 year ago.    They are also spreading the word that Adult Stem Cells can help Multiple Sclerosis now with a treatment that is simple with no side effects.

A Note From Richard Humphries -Multiple Sclerosis Adult Stem Cell Treatment

Recently Richard wrote this regarding his own stem cell therapy:

Myself and Preston Walker were the first to receive the fat cell derived stem cell treatment in hopes of leveling off our immune system which has successfully happened without the severe side effects of chemo which has shown not as successful as the adipose treatment much less the unneccessary expense.

I’m case study #1 in the paper (Multiple Sclerosis Study) just released and have had two stem cell treatments in Costa Rica where they promise nothing but deliver wonderful results. Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis patients can’t wait on historical data. Time is not on our side but stem cells improved my quality of life and the follow up MRI looks excellent.

Richard Humphries

Stem Cell Treatment Enables Police Sergeant to Patrol Again

And then Preston Walker wrote this email to another Multiple Sclerosis patient who was considering using the stem cell research and therapy that changed his life:

I received the treatment in Costa Rica in May 2008. My symptoms included fatigue, depression, a cognitive cloud, foot drop and heat intolerance. At the time I went, I was taking features , Wellbutrin XL, Provigil and Razadyne.

The only thing I am taking now is Avonex as a maintenance drug. I am free of the fatigue and depression. I still have a cognitive cloud but it is nothing like it was before the treatment!

I am a police Sergeant in Fort Worth, TX. I am assigned to patrol and wear a dark blue uniform. If it wasn’t for the treatment, I don’t think I would make it to retirement in a few years. I feel absolutely certain that I will continue my active lifestyle and my career.

You can read the full story on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s website ( Once you get to the homepage, click on the BLOGS link. Once the next page loads, click on My Fight with MS in the bottom right hand corner. If you will go from the beginning by looking at the May 2008 folder in the archives (left hand side of the page), you will get a better idea of my journey while in Costa Rica. I underwent the treatment with Richard Humphries who posted while we were there also.

I will not tell you I am cured, but I am virtually symptom free!! My quality of life improved exponentially after the treatment.

If I can be of any further help, don’t hesitate to ask.

Preston Walker

The Debate on Stem Cell Research – Why So Much Emphasis On Cures?

Are people getting so caught up on the stem cell research issue that we are ignoring the patients who are in need of help right now? When the issue of stem cell research comes up, we always hear about promised cures. Are we so intent on 100% “cures” that we ignore stem cell treatments that are not “cures”, but do indeed help improve the quality of lives of the majority of patients right NOW. I’m sure Richard and Preston above are very happy with their results. Is their Multiple Sclerosis cured? No, it wasn’t a “cure”. Does that mean it isn’t good enough?

Why do we have to go for the homerun on every at bat, when a patient would be grateful for a single or double? Would Michael J Fox be happy if his Parkinson’s symptoms subsided for 5 years like this gentleman?

I see endless articles and letters to the editor that support state or federal taxes for Adult Stem Cell research or Embryonic Stem Cell research, but rarely do I see an article or letter promoting USING the only treatment that works now- Adult Stem Cells.  In the end, with all this hoopla, we are forgetting about what should be the reasons for the debates and research in the first place- the patients.

Remember, there are no side effects from using your own stem cells, either they help (most of the time) or they don’t (no harm done).

Perhaps we should take aim at the FDA as they are responsible for classifying a patient’s own stem cells as a drug thus forcing decades of clinical trials and sentencing millions of patients to unnecessary suffering and deaths by withholding the use of something that could help improve patients’  lives with very little risks.  Preston and Richard were lucky in that they had the resources and the courage to travel outside the box that is the FDA’s jurisdiction.  Millions others are not so lucky.

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2 thoughts on “Multiple Sclerosis Patients Are Symptom Free After Stem Cell Treatment”

  1. Multiple Sclerosis Cured in Canadian Patient After Stem Cell Treatment
    Alex Normandin, 26, of Montreal, Canada has been cured of his Multiple Sclerosis following the implantation of his own Adult Stem Cells. The stem cell therapy was done in conjunction with a research program in Ottawa with Dr. Mark Freedman.

    A medical student, Alex was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis more than 2 years ago and was distressed to learn that he had the aggressive form of MS and was on track to be in a wheelchair in a matter of months.
    Process of Stem Cells for Multiple Sclerosis in Canada
    Luckily, he was accepted into Dr. Freedman’s stem cell research program at Ottawa General Hospital. In this stem cell program, the patient is first given chemotherapy to kill off the immune system. Then, the stem cell transplant takes place to “reboot” the immune system.

    From the stem cell article:

    Normandin became patient 19. His transplant took place in December 2008. It worked.

    Not only does the disease appear to have stopped its progression, but Normandin says he feels his co-ordination and strength improving.

    Normandin is buoyed by the treatment’s eight-year track record — none of the 24 patients have suffered a relapse or a brain lesion. (The article fails to mention the one patient who died from the chemo)
    Stem Cell Therapy in China Quote Remembered
    Readers of this blog may remember Dr. Freedman from this Multiple Sclerosis Stem Cell post in which he commented on stem cell therapy in China:

    Dr. Freedman is concerned that patients are forking over large amounts of money for unproven treatments like this, especially when there is no follow-up care or monitoring when they get home.

    “It’s dangerous in the wrong hands,” he said. “The only reason these places could be in existence is to take people’s money and offer them something that’s unproven.”

    I called that the “Most Hypocritical Statement So Far in 2009? then, and I will stick to that for the following reasons:

    Chemotherapy is dangerous. 1 of Dr. Freedman’s patients died while receiving it before the stem cell transplant- to call another treatment dangerous (which doesn’t use chemo, by the way) is hypocritical.
    He says the therapies are unproven and only in existence to take people’s money- however, in this article- it is revealed not only is his own treatment unproven, but it also is not free, in fact, far from free- “The trial procedure costs would be about $50,000 to $60,000 per patient.” (A reader has since wrote in and says the Canadian Government pays for this treatment)

    Actually that cost is more than other stem cell therapies in Costa Rica and China that we have covered in here (both are around $25-30,000) and do NOT use chemo.

    So for those people who say that stem cell therapy overseas is very expensive– just look at Canada, or for that matter, look at Dr. Richard Burt’s multiple sclerosis study at Northwestern University in Chicago. The cost for one multiple sclerosis patient is $90,000

    I’m directing this at critics who always point out that overseas stem cell therapies are expensive and dangerous rather than pointing out Dr. Freedman, who as far as I can tell is truly helping Multiple Sclerosis patients although he probably shouldn’t be opening his mouth about other stem cell treatments.
    Stem Cell Treatment By The People, For The People
    And yes, all of these stem cell treatments in Canada, USA, Costa Rica, and China are “unproven” in the eyes of the medical world and the New England Journal of Medicine, although they all are proven in the eyes of the patients who receive the Adult Stem Cells whether they are in the form of umbilical cord stem cells (China), mixture of stem cells from the patient’s fat and cord blood stem cells(Costa Rica) and/or Adult Stem Cells given in the form of a stem cell transplant after chemotherapy (Canada, USA). They all seem to work most of the time FOR THE PATIENTS NOW and that is what is important. Making Multiple Sclerosis patients wait for 10 years or so for the endless cycle of clinical trials in the US and Canada to end just so their doctors can see the words “proven” in a study is a travesty.
    The Emergence of the Internet and Self Directed Healthcare
    We can ask Jason Upshaw and friends about stem cell therapy in Costa Rica. Or, we can ask Betty Helm about how stem cell therapy in China worked for her MS. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, patients now have a bigger say and more access to information than ever before.

    Dr. William Davis at the Heart Scan Blog has a great post on how health care is changing. Much like stockbrokers have disappeared due to online companies like E-trade and Ameritrade, patients can now take a more self directed approach to their health thanks to the internet.


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