KOLKATA – Cancer patient gets stem cell transplant

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A team of doctors of haematology department of Nilratan Sircar Medical College and Hospital performed a blood stem cell transplantation on a patient wherein they successfully re-infused blood stem cells into a patient’s bloodstream on 30 January. The patient is suffering from a type of blood cancer known as multiple myeloma.
Mrs Bela Samanta, a resident of Burdwan, has been a patient of leukaemia for past one year. On 16 December she was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. Doctors examined her and said there was a need for this transplantation, if the patient wanted to lead a stable life at least for the next five to seven years.

Doctors said she was recuperating well after the operation. This was the first time such an operation was conducted in the city. Clinical investigation revealed that her condition may relapse after 2-3 months, even if chemotherapy was administered.
A five member team of doctors led by Dr Moloy Ghosh, head of the department of hematology department performed the operation along with Dr Kanjaksha Ghosh, director of National Institute of Immune Haematology, Dr Maitreye Bhattacharya, associate professor of haematology department, Dr Somnath Mukherjee, senior resident of haematology department and Dr Jayanta Chandra and others.
The patient is now being closely monitored.

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  1. My mother has myopathy. She cannot walk without frame. She cannot get up from chair without help from other person. Could you please let me know whether there is any treatment with stem-cell? If yes, could you please help me with the information about which doctor to contact in Kolkata?
    Sudipta Das

  2. My daughter, now 6 years and 8 months old, is suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. May I know if stem cell treatment can successfully cure this kind of blood disorder?

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