ITALY – Stem cells. Milan General Hospital presents mesenchymal stem cells from placental blood

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Mesenchymal stem cells are present in placental blood and could represent the new frontier for tissue and organ regeneration. The cells were identified at the cell factory at Milan’s Policlinico Hospital and will be the subject of a meeting on mesenchymal stem cells organized by the Milan hospital.

Isolated and preserved in the Milan biobank for the first time for use in future treatments, the cells come from blood that is collected at birth. Plasma that has been used for transplants in patients with serious diseases like leukemia and lymphoma and represent a potential reserve of mesenchymal stem cells, which are the foundation of regenerative medicine.
The purification procedure, developed by researchers from the research and development lab of the ‘Franco Calori’ Cell Factory at the Policlinico Hospital, led by Lorenza Lazzari, requires placental blood donations to be processed within hours of collection. Purified and cultivated mesenchymal stem cells are then tested further with various animal tissue regeneration models.

These cells have been used experimentally on acute kidney damage in collaboration with Giuseppe Remuzzi’s group of the Mario Negri Institute in Bergamo. “With placental blood,” says Lazzari, “we hope to be able to repair bone, regenerate livers and kidneys, and operate in complex repair processes for other important organs and systems like the heart and nervous system.”
At the meeting, FIRST (the forum of Italian researchers on mesenchymal and stromal stem cells), the Italian group on mesenchymal stem cells, chaired by Lazzari with Massimo Dominici of the University of Modena as Vice-President, will be presented.

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